Saturday, April 30, 2011


There's a lot of MMORPG out there whose out to outdo each other.Each showcasing new features, outstanding visual, realistic cinematics and awesome storyline.As a gamer myself, I tried every new games out there lured with their promising advertisement and outstanding reviews.But as a gamer,you must choose only 1 game to stick to.
If you'll notice the comments of Game mags or famous personalities when asked to try these new games, you'll notice that they mention a particular game.It's like it's the game to beat.Out of curiosity, I checked the game's website, viewed some videos and finally downloaded the game itself.Computer specifications are not that high, no need for high-end video cards, and community are awesome.They have a hundred servers in US alone.In EU, I think it's also close to a hundred.Is there any game that come close to it? I asked myself, Is this for real? How good is this game?
I finally created my character, and ventured the world.The purpose of the game is the same as the others;reach the max lvl, upgrade your character and pawn everyone who crosses you path.PvP servers are always the best on MMORPGs because the killer instinct in you will play part in this huge environment. It has the biggest map I have ever seen.A lot of players are online 24/7. And the best part is, all great weapons are looted and not bought from the site.Yes! No item malls, it's not where rich boys always rule.You want that high-end armor, kill that hard-to-kill boss.There's no shortcuts!
The game was from Blizzard, and it's renowed worldwide.It's known as World Of Warcraft akaWOW.
I have tried lots of games and now, I found the one that i'll stick into.

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